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RE: [IP] RE:Batteries for the 722

>From the User Guide page 133 for MM715

 It is recommended that you read your warranty statement included with your
pump for information about what is covered during your warranty period.

The Paradigm pump uses a AAA battery. As a safety measure, Medtronic MiniMed
has designed the pump to only accept a NEW battery. If you insert a used
battery, the "failed batt test" alarm may be triggered. Refer to the
section, "Install battery" in chapter 2 for instructions.
The use of cold batteries causes erratic pump behavior. To prevent this, do
not use batteries that have been in cold storage (i.e., in the refrigerator
or your car in the winter). It takes several hours for these batteries to
warm to room temperature.
Certain features on the pump use a lot of battery power. Your battery will
need to be replaced more frequently if you use these features:
Remote control <> Paradigm Link meter <> Backlight <>Vibrate alert type

CAUTION: It is recommended that you use a AAA Energizer battery. Do not use
a rechargeable or carbon zinc battery in the pump. Do not remove the battery
unless you are changing your battery (installing a NEW battery). Replace it
within five (5) minutes. If not replaced within five (5) minutes, the screen
may display an alarm message. Follow the instructions in the message and
make sure the time and date are set correctly. Install a new battery if the
battery was placed backwards in the pump.

If you have to remove and store your pump, it is recommended that you store
it with the battery in place. Keep a record of your current basal rates. To
preserve battery life, reset the basal rates to 0 (zero), turn off the
remote and meter options, and set the Auto-off to dashes or zeroes.

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> MM states one must use Energizer batteries.  I thought they were crazy
> because what's the difference. Well my sister ran out but had some

There is actually some new akaline battery technology the allows the 
same size battery to have 20% or more power. These batteries are 
marketed as "premium" akaline batteries with fancier names, packages, 
and of coures.... a higher price tag. The good part is that the 
claims are actually true in this case.

Energizer Max
Energizer e2 Titanium
Kodak Max
There are others...


> others of another brand and put it in turned it on and fried it. They
> really don't work other than with the Energizer AAA's.  Mine last
> nearly two months depending upon the use of the light. Robert
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