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RE: [IP] New reservoir without new insertion set

Hi Linda,

 > I was trying to get MM to send me only half
 > of the reservoirs and said that I was going
 > to refill them.

That is what I do -- a 300uy reservoir lasts me six days, so I
change reservoir and tubing with every other set change -- except
that I didn't bother to tell MM why I wanted to change my standing
supply order. I just called and asked them to change it, period.

I never had a defective reservoir, probably because I do not put
them in front of steamrollers, but I am unconcerned: Once the
reservoir is in the pump, the likelihood of it being damaged is

As for how often a reservoir can be reused, I used one (and the
tubing) for twelve days once. No problems whatsoever. Do note that
the plastic of tubing and reservoir, despite advances like
Unomedical's Polyfin tubing, adsorbs some insulin. In mitigation,
the effect is greatest right after starting to use fresh a
reservoir and tubing, of course.

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