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[IP] re: double vision

 I have had double vision since I was approximately 20 years old, I am now 53. I
have had prisms in both lenses ever since I complained to my, then, medical
doctor that I was seeing double. At one time an optometrist refused to make
glasses for me and sent me to an opthalmologist to see about surgery. The
opthalmologist refused to do surgery saying if I had lived with my double vision
for as long as I had--then about 15 years--and as I was used to it surgery could
make it worse for me.
 I am referred to by my optometrist as his "nightmare" patient. Now before any
of you start saying things I referred to myself as that first!!! He just goes
along with me. I do have a very difficult prescription and very tricky to make
glasses for. Used to glasses would have to be made and sent back 3 or 4 times
before they were correct. With todays labs and as I have been to the same
optomtrist for nearly 28 years the labs do not have such a problem as they used
 I just got new glasses and they cost me nearly $1,000. Last pair did not change
for 4 years, so that's only $250 a year!

Here's to good BGs and good vision!
Debbie from Western KY
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