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Re: [IP] giving up/Herbology

 <<*I* totally understand this. Pointed questions to my group (Bristol Park
Medical)and its' headquarters netted me no answers, but DID get me effectively
'kicked out' of the local facility to an internist way over in Anaheim... Dr.
Chun's excuse? "You need to see an internist. you have too many issues for us to
handle" Is that nuts or what? >>

 Hum, sounds like "Dr. Chun" needs to realize that there are SPECIALISTS out
 My reg doc could not find out why I was chronically getting pneumonia (about 6
times per year), so she sent me to a Infectious disease specialist and a
 My psorisis (plaque) was not going away, and flaring alot with one medication,
she did not know what else to do, so she sent me to a dermatologist (have been
seeing on on and off since almost 4y/o).
 Sent me to a cardiologist (back to one), when I started having heart
palpitations, and the EKG done in her office showed my heart tossing a PVC
(premature ventricular contraction), yet, I did not want to see another
cardiologist, due to seeing one since I was hours old.
 sent me to all sorts of specialists (to the point that I have 16 docs..had 18
at one time) when she got dumbfounded on what to do. And she is Internal
medicine, not general/family medicine.

R. Leppanen
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