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Re: [IP] giving up/Herbology

 <<His reply was "I don't think HRT is too safe. You can go to the nutrition
place over here (*A Tony's GNC) and buy some Black Cohosh.">>

 Hum, I wonder where this person got his degree to practice medicine HRT
encluding black cohosh has been linked to increased cardiovascular accidents
(heart attacks).
 I AM on HRT. I know I am way to young to require HRT, as I am only 33 years
old, but when you are in SURGICAL MENOPAUSE (I have had RSO, then a LSO and
hysterectomy..[R/L right/left S salpingo [falopian tube] oopherectomy [ovary]],
so I have had both ovaries and my uterus.. due to cancer [uterine leiomyosarcoma
IIc and ovarian]).
 I use vivelle Dot 0.1mg and 0.0375mg (patches) and they are plant based
estrogens vs man made synthetic (one is premerine aka pregnant mares urine).

R. Leppanen
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