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Re: [IP] giving up

 I don't think yo should give up. I think if you conside how lucky you are with
regard to your diabetes. The last 20 years or so have been so easy to manage
diabetes relative to the first 30 plus years that I've had it. I hardly think of
iit anymore .

 For the first 30 plus years we had no BG monitors, We guessed and were always
wrong. We boiled urine for 5 minutes for the first 10 years or so. We sharpened
thick needles on nail files which left burrs that tore out skin. We stayed on
rigid diets. We were not allowed to take many types of jobs. Doctors knew almost
nothing about diabetes and in several cases almost killed me(doing things like
taking me off insulin when I broke a femur saying diabetics at rest don't need
insulin). And perhaps worst fo all, INSURANCE COVERED NOTHING related to
diabetes, not ofice visits, not blood work and certainly not syringes or
insulin. My favorite was when BLUE CROSS rehected a claim for syringes saying
they were just like teaspoons that were used to adminster medication and since
they didn't cover teaspoons, they didn't cover syringes either.
 Yes we all have it pretty lucky today. 53 years and not feeling bad about being
a diabetic. Especially since getting the OmniPod whcih has set me free.

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:55:29 -0600
From: Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] giving up

 Yes! I'd say you are more than qualified! Lately I seem to have lost
perspective. I am very lucky in a lot of ways, have way more than a lot of
people. I have a home, a husband, and a lot of resources as far as a little
space to grow some food, an art shop. It's like no matter how much I have, I
still feel like I'm lacking something. I just don't see how people who have even
more challenges than I do, stay happy and motivated and seem to do fine.... even
better than fine - a lot of the time. Am I just a big spoiled brat and no matter
what happens I will not be happy as long as I have diabetes. (?) I've had type 1
for 18 years and I'm *still* kicking and screaming about it.
 It's like I need a good kick in the butt but I'm not sure how to accomplish

Wyldceltic1 wrote:
> Growing up with blindness from premature birth the at 28 becoming type
> 1 and going through later developments ofthe ROP, I think I can answer 
> this to a point.
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