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RE: [IP] Battery life

I use the MM Paradigm 515 pump with 1 AAA Energizer battery. One time when I
was in NYC and didn't take batteries because I changed it before I left, I
purchased another brand at the store and it lasted less than a week. MM told
me the same thing about always using Energizer and it is definitely true in
my case! But I do like being able to purchase these batteries at almost any
store and they are not too expensive. The older MM pumps all took 3 lithium
batteries that lasted a long time, but were impossible to find except from
Minimed (they came in a pack of 9 and sold for quite a bit of $$). But my
insurance used to pick up that cost since it went through with all my
diabetes supplies.

I find if I use the backlight a lot, it depletes my battery much quicker.
Also, I don't use my pump to beep to remind me when to test, as all the
extra beeps/vibrating uses up the battery quicker. Sometimes if my battery
bar is going down quickly, I'll take the battery out and then put it back in
to get a little more life out of it if I'm not at home where I keep my

Andrea : )

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 Does anyone wonder about how much battery life other people might get? My
512 gets about a month or so. I tried one of those 'special' batteries for
electronics (still alkaline though), and it didn't seem to make any
in fact it seemed less time for that little experiment.

 Usually I turn the alarm off overnight, but sometimes I just let it
remind me because I'm busy or whatever. But it's quite insistant. I never
vibrate because I know it kills my cell phone, so it can't be good for the
But I'm betting I chew up battery life because of my bad habits.

 So I'll put it out there... what kind of battery life do you get on your
and CGMS?

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