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Re: [IP] meter problems?

Thanks for that link. I was googling and all I got were the drugstores  
for Medicare people. I do not qualify for any of those services, but  
went to the link you sent and emailed the company.

I like the thought of a talking meter, even though I have some sight  
in my left eye. Only 'beef' I would have is to enter the bg's into my  
MM pump for the bolus wizard. 'Do-able'- but a bit of a hassle. I'll  
see what they email back. I can get any strips I need, but getting  
CalOPTIMA to buy meters is a pain. I usually get them free, or buy one  
and then ask for the strips from my insurance.

On Apr 25, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Schmidt, Jeremy wrote:

> Jamie the prodigy is a talking meter here in the states and the strips
> are quite inexpensive. You can research it online if you'd like at
> www.prodigymeter.com
> Jeremy Schmidt RNDE
> Diabetic Educator
> Advanced Healthcare S.C.
> 414-352-5161 ext 5286
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