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RE: [IP] meter problems?

Jamie the prodigy is a talking meter here in the states and the strips
are quite inexpensive. You can research it online if you'd like at

Jeremy Schmidt RNDE
Diabetic Educator
Advanced Healthcare S.C.
414-352-5161 ext 5286

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Marshall said
>I needed a machine that was easy to use when I was experiencing low 
>b.g. so I used the BD for a door stop.

 I've had a few door stops in my past for exactly the same reason - like
the one with a disk that preloaded strips, I just couldn't get the hang
of that one.
I've started using the Contour and it's okay, although it seems to have
more errors than all of my One Touch meters that I used in the past.

 Although we've come a long way in the ease of use dept., my husband is
struggling with the use of the Contour. He's blind and he's found that
meter is a fussy little one to get that drop of blood exactly in the
right place, and gets lots of errors, but he's doing better.

 One day he hopes to get a 'talking' meter, but that is far in our
future because in Canada, talking meters aren't yet approved by Health
Canada (equivalent to the FDA), and our insurance wouldn't cover the
strips even if we ordered one from the States. He can get a "talking
box" additional piece to plug into an old One Touch
Profile/Surestep/Basic, but the strips won't be mfr'd forever, after all
the Basic hasn't been mfrd for 8 years - not to mention the huge amt of
blood those strips require, and heaven forbid if one should shift the
strip while applying the blood. That talking box itself costs upwards of
$600 - and is not covered by insurance.

Ahh, such is life in Canada (sometimes it's frustrating!!) .
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