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Re: [IP] giving up

 Depression is a major medical issue, that at times does need to be medicated
 Sometimes it can be caused by a genetic link (depression can and does run in
families), a lack or decreased amount of serotonin, and then there is also
dopamine. Also there are times that medications alone will not help the
issue(s), and will need a therapist (either a psychologist [PhD], LCSW, or one
that has a MSW (masters of social work).
 I personally am on a antidepressent, due to depression (celexa), and see a
therapist (LCSW).
I not only have diabetes, but alot of others. But just a few of them are:
 -Born 9.5 weeks early in 85% liver failure (if I was born on time, I would have
been stilborn due liver failure), with a 5% or less chance of surviving.
 -Due to being born so early (and only 3pound 9oz) and the liver failure and
jaundice, I spent my first 2 months of life under the belirubin lights in NICU
 -Was under the belirubin lights as a premie with my eyes NOT covered, and
therefore I do have vision damage, and have required 18 surgeries L eye and 23
on the R eye
 -Severe Orthopaedic issues, encluding spina bifada, bertolotti's syndrome,
spinal lumbar stenosis, scoliosis [with a 45 deg. curviture] and lordosis [with
a 67 deg cruviture].
 And ALOT of other medical issues. My depression is both genetic linked (mum and
maternal grandmum have depression) and because of what I live with on a daily

R. Leppanen
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