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RE: [IP] giving up

If you're not into Rx meds I've been told that taking
SAM-E, St. Johns Wart and OMEGA III might also work.

--- Andrea Wilkinson <email @ redacted> wrote:

> The brain puts out "serotonin," I believe. One class
> of medications that
> helps with depression is called SSRI's (selective
> seratonin reuptake
> inhibitors). I have three sisters who have all been
> helped enormously by
> medication combined with counseling with a LCSW
> (Licensed Clinical Social
> Worker) or a psychologist. A psychiatrist has to
> prescribe the medicine,
> though. I found an interesting internet site where a
> woman wrote her own
> personal experience with depression, research, and
> medication when I googled
> "serotonin."
> http://www.plunk.org/~grantham/public/lexapro.html
> I have to say I felt moved to tears after reading
> what Sue and then Jenny
> wrote. There are so many things that can be
> discussed after bringing up the
> emotional impact health problems have on one's life
> as well as their loved
> ones.  As far as books go, there is a book called
> "Diabetes Is Not a Piece
> of Cake" Revised 3rd Edition - (published October
> 1997; 3rd edition, 288
> pages, isbn: 1-884929-77-X) The book for everyone
> who has diabetes or cares
> about someone with diabetes, by Janet Meirelles, RN,
> and Certified Diabetes
> Educator. Full of stories from her friends and
> patients. This edition has
> the most recent American Diabetes Association (ADA)
> dietary recommendations
> & more on food, plus a section on traveling, etc.
> (Available through the
> ADA, at most bookstores, or direct from the
> publisher, LPIUSA.  Also
> available in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and
> other countries. Let us
> know your city and country, and we'll e-mail you
> appropriate distributor
> contact information.)  		I read it a long time ago
> and it was good. 
> I found another book online--"The Mind Body Diabetes
> Revolution" by Richard
> Surwit, PhD (Avalon 2005), a self-help book if you
> are up for that. Here's a
> short quote: "Richard Surwit writes a unique book
> about controlling blood
> sugars through the management of stress, depression
> and anger. The author
> gives patients an opportunity to take matters into
> their own hands,
> identifying and dealing with their own emotional
> issues. He presents his
> theories as an adjunct to other therapies. Surwit
> provides 3 screening
> questionnaires, on stress, hostility, and depression
> that allow the patient
> to self-screen. He also has an "appetite awareness
> scale" that could be very
> helpful in increasing patient awareness of their
> eating behaviors."   
> Anyway, I also want to briefly mention a quote my
> dad really helped me stop
> worrying about myself whenever I felt sorry for
> myself (especially in junior
> high). " The best way to find yourself is to lose
> yourself in the service of
> others," Mohandas Gandhi. 
> Another big thing that comes to mind is keeping a
> daily gratitude journal
> where you write down 3-5 things every day that you
> are grateful for. I think
> that is what I was so touched by in Jenny's first
> response. Despite
> incredibly difficult circumstances, she has found a
> way to persevere and
> indeed has become a stronger, better person who has
> looked for the positive
> things in her life. We can look to her as an
> example. It is so easy to take
> things for granted every day--like my sight, my
> legs, or my family, to name
> a few!
> Well, Sue, I truly hope some of these thoughts can
> be of help to you. I
> admire your honesty. I think you have won half the
> battle--recognizing what
> is wrong and trying to make things better.
> With concern and gratitude,
> Andrea Wilkinson
> Dx 11/1974; pumping MM since 12/1987
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> From: email @ redacted
> [mailto:email @ redacted] On
> Behalf Of Jan Chait
> Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:18 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] giving up
> Sometimes they're correct: Drugs *are* necessary.
> That "something going on" 
> could be that your brain isn't putting out enough
> ... oh, I never can 
> remember the name of that stuff. Anyway, just as you
> need to give yourself 
> insulin to replace what your pancreas does not make,
> you may need to add to 
> what your brain does not make enough of. Depression
> is not a character 
> defect: it's a medical problem.
> I have stress-related depression. The more stressful
> my life is, the higher 
> dosages of an antidepressant I need. I increase or
> decrease my dosages as my
> stress levels rise and fall. Kind of like taking
> more or less insulin as my 
> carb intake rises and falls. :-)
> Jan and ?
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Sue Kinzelman" <email @ redacted>
>  I've met too many doctors who think that
> > depression must be alleviated at once, with drugs
> if necessary. But 
> > depression means there's something going on, some
> process inside you 
> > that's being dealt with or in some cases ,
> something *not* being dealt 
> > with.
> .

 "Diabetes:Into The New Decade" a series of programs produced in 1990 but still
relevant today.

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