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Re: [IP] giving up

Sometimes they're correct: Drugs *are* necessary. That "something going on" 
could be that your brain isn't putting out enough ... oh, I never can 
remember the name of that stuff. Anyway, just as you need to give yourself 
insulin to replace what your pancreas does not make, you may need to add to 
what your brain does not make enough of. Depression is not a character 
defect: it's a medical problem.

I have stress-related depression. The more stressful my life is, the higher 
dosages of an antidepressant I need. I increase or decrease my dosages as my 
stress levels rise and fall. Kind of like taking more or less insulin as my 
carb intake rises and falls. :-)

Jan and ?

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From: "Sue Kinzelman" <email @ redacted>

 I've met too many doctors who think that
> depression must be alleviated at once, with drugs if necessary. But 
> depression means there's something going on, some process inside you 
> that's being dealt with or in some cases , something *not* being dealt 
> with.
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