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Re: [IP] giving up

Hi Judy & Liz - Actually I don't really have any physical challenges 
when I think of it. Except that I'm overweight and tired sometimes.  
I've always been in "denial", which seemed healthy to me. I'm rethinking 
stuff over I guess. The challenges for me are really emotional, having 
to be "dependent " on other people. And often having to educate doctors, 

The idea that someone "makes a living"  such as a doctor, on my being 
ill deeply offends me. I'm not saying they don't help once in a while 
but the whole system is just bad as far as I'm concerned..  But no, I've 
never felt different in the sense that until recently I worked to 
support myself, worked very hard, long hours. I had good jobs, never 
even spoke about diabetes. I didn't have to as far as employers. I have 
no physical complications after 18 years. Just a LOT of emotional stuff.

"They" say that it's the resistance to something (and not the situation) 
that causes pain and suffering. And I think I'm still just resisting.

Also as far as depression, I believe that many people have very valid 
reasons to be depressed. I've met too many doctors who think that 
depression must be alleviated at once, with drugs if necessary. But 
depression means there's something going on, some process inside you 
that's being dealt with or in some cases , something *not* being dealt with.

I guess I'm just whining, looking for a different way to see things - 
something that will be a little more successful and positive than what 
I've been entertaining for years.

> Are you saying that having diabetes is "having a life with physical  
> challenges?"
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