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Re: [IP] giving up

Well, if you're a big, spoiled brat, I think we shall start the BSB of  
IP <G>!

After 24 years of this, I still get days where I feel like you do  
now... I think we all do.

But you did say about others: 'seem to be..' untill we can read minds,  
we won't ever know what a mile in their shoes is actually like. They  
may have darker days, but no one to 'vent' to.  I know living with  
this carp is not what I would have opted for, but we do have the  
ability to react to our -rather uncooperative- bodies.

Transmogrified via my beautiful iPhone!
Jenny Sutherland

On Apr 24, 2008, at 2:55 PM, Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Yes! I'd say you are more than qualified! Lately I seem to have lost  
> perspective. I am very lucky in a lot of ways, have way more than a  
> lot of people. I have a home, a husband, and a lot of resources as  
> far as a little space to grow some food, an art shop. It's like no  
> matter how much I have, I still feel like I'm lacking something. I  
> just don't see how people who have even more challenges than I do,  
> stay happy and motivated and seem to do fine.... even better than  
> fine - a lot of the time.  Am I just a big spoiled brat and no  
> matter what happens I will not be happy as long as I have diabetes.  
> (?) I've had type 1 for 18 years and I'm *still* kicking and  
> screaming about it.
> ;-)
> It's like I need a good kick in the butt but I'm not sure how to  
> accomplish that.
> thanks...
> Wyldceltic1 wrote:
>> Growing up with blindness from premature birth the at 28 becoming  
>> type 1 and going through later developments ofthe ROP, I think I  
>> can answer this to a point.
> .
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