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[IP] meter problems

I, too, us the BD paradigm link meter, but took Lifescan up on its free offer
an ultra-mini meter, since it's temperature range is much greater (and better
for someone who hikes, plays golf, etc.).  The BD has been quite accurate,
while the ultra-mini told me my BS was 41 when I could walk and talk and felt
pretty normal.   The BD put me at around 100.  I re-tested with the ultra, and
got an E-4 reading, several times.  Tried again, and the drop icon continued
blinking even though blood had filled the testing notch on the strip.  My
phone call to Lifescan was answered by a responder who insisted that the
problems was in the strips, even though I had been using strips from that
container all day.  He had me open another couple of containers, but when I
continued to get E-4 codes, he said  he'd replace the strips.  The next day I
called back, and a different rep agreed with me that the problem was with the
meter, not the strips.  After I received a new meter, I tried the old one
again, and it worked!   I think I'll stick to my trusty BD meter!

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