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Re: [IP] giving up

Growing up with blindness from premature birth the at 28 becoming type  
1 and going through later developments ofthe ROP, I think I can answer  
this to a point.

I've heard and read all sorts of adages, one of which is something  
akin to 'troubles dn't give us character, they reveal it'.

I fought pretty much through life to get things others take for  
granted: good schooling, jobs, getting around, etc..., it is these  
successes that make life good.  I don't think it is a case of just  
'learning' from affliction... The fact is these are just part of who  
we are.  You are so much more than 'a diabetic', your gifts to this  
planet and the people thereof is what should be concentrated on.

Yeah, this stuff is a very big PITA, but the fact of it is, we just do  
what we gotta do and continue to thrive the best we can. What you're  
feeling is a part of this life we all have, it's disgustingly normal  
to ask 'What for?' . Heck, I think everyone asks this question every  

Kick hind end and take names, girlfriend!

Transmogrified via my beautiful iPhone!
Jenny Sutherland

On Apr 24, 2008, at 2:24 PM, Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Where is there a good source of inspiration to never give up
> even though you are (I am ) faced with huge challenges. I think a  
> couple of people mentioned
> a few books or something. I don't understand what value there is  
> having a life with physical challenges.
> What is there to be learned or gained or valued from all of this?
> .
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