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RE: [IP] Silhouette questions

HI Brad,

 > I relied on the spring-loaded, catapult-
 > like Sil-Serter monstrosity [...]

Cool, isn't it? Who needs thumb screws and Iron Maidens with
inventions like this!

 > I find unhooking the set from the Serter
 > to be a bit awkward [...]

And another convert to manual insertion. :-) Manually, it's easy:
Take the set. Remove the front (smaller) part of the tape backing
-- the part that lies over the needle and cannula. Grab the
_sides_ handle of the needle (grey part) with thumb and middle or
ring finger. Bend back the front (exposed) part of the sticky
tape, and hold its edge against the handle with the index finger.
Remove the blue needle protector with your other hand. Pinch up a
skin fold with your other hand, if necessary. Stick the needle in
as far as it goes. Let go of the sticky-tape flap and pat it down.
Still holding it down, squeeze and pull the needle handle to
withdraw it. bend the main part of the set over the
already-sticking part, remove the tape backing, and affix it to
the skin. Done!

 > Oops! RIIIIIIP! Thud! ARRGGH!

The best way I know of to make sets stick is to insert them right
after showering -- and none of those re-greasing conditioners and
aloe and creams and whatnots, please. :-) The point is to remove
everything possible so the glue can bond to the skin. If that
still isn't enough, consider Mastisol or Skin-Tac, or ask your
pharmacist for "tincture of benzoin" -- same thing, but cheaper.

 > I was 183PL/155OT [...]

You were at 155, more or less. The Paradigm Link measurements are
better than rolling a pair of dice only insofar as two standard
dice cannot produce numbers higher than 12.

 > So far [...] I'm batting about 50/50 as far
 > as infusion sets going bad/having to be
 > replaced [...]

Give yourself a few more tries. The learning curve levels off

 > I'm also curious how others with Sil sets
 > remove them?

I peel up the edge that sits over the cannula end (opposite from
the tubing) and just pull back. The cannula is flexible enough to
just bend and come out -- no need to pull it straight backwards.

 > I'm doing tests using both meters for
 > a while to have data to compare to the
 > new Paradigm/BD meter that should arrive
 > tomorrow.

I'd love to see the meter/pump protocol opened up. We could use
our computers to send random numbers to the pump and save all that
money we spend on BD strips.

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