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[IP] Silhouette questions

First off, thanks to everyone who's been responding to my posts. I'm
learning a lot, and greatly appreciate your input. And I'm sorry if it seems
I'm posting a lot... but I hate bugging my doctors with a lot of these
seemingly unimportant questions, and you guys clearly share a wealth of
information. This is all new to me, and I'm not really sure if what I'm
experiencing is typical, or if it's always going to be this bumpy (God, I
hope not!), so just tell me if I'm posting too much. :)
That said...
My Silhouette infusion sets arrived yesterday.
Given how vague the diagram and instructions (not to mention the animation
on the Medtronic web site) were for how to insert it, I relied on the
spring-loaded, catapult-like Sil-Serter monstrosity they sent along
(figuring that would do it correctly and I'd at least find out how it was
*supposed* to work/look).
Surprisingly it hurt a lot less than I thought it would.
Also surprisingly, the force of the spring/mechanism hitting my skin pushed
my hand back so that the needle pulled out, followed by a beautiful, bright,
happy-to-escape-its-fleshy-prison, glistening drop of blood. Lovely.
Undaunted I put it in again, prepared for the force of the insertion.
Second impressions: I find unhooking the set from the Serter to be a bit
awkward (having to change grips from pushing the plunger with your thumb to
having enough force to push down on the release button) and also having to
hold a rather large needle in place while you play around with removing the
tape.  I think I'll do it manually from now on. But I digress.
All was fine until bedtime and the pump slipped out of the iPod waist belt
I've been using during the day as I was about to transfer it to the iPod arm
belt I wear at night.  (By the way, I'm loving my Tune Belts!!  Much better
than the belt clips they sent with the pump!)
So along with my first Silhouette Infusion Set, I've now experienced my
first drop-the-pump-and-it-pulls-the-whole-infusion-set-out moment. Let's
hope that's the last. (I can already hear you all laughing "Don't count on
it, noob!")
I re-inserted a new infusion set (after calming my partner down, who was
awakened by my shouts of pain), and headed to bed.
I was 183PL/155OT when I awoke (up from 95 right before bed - ??) and during
the morning, despite a correction bolus and my with-breakfast bolus, my
sugar crept up to 419PL/293OT by 10:30. An hour later I was 503PL/373OT, so
clearly the pump wasn't delivering properly (though again, I'm not receiving
any "No Delivery" alarms).  I took my NovaPen injection to correct and have
switched to a new Sil Infusion Set, so hopefully this one will work. But I
won't really know for four hours until after the NovaPen wears off.  (It's
that now knowing that I hate, and another reason I don't switch infusions
right before bed - unless they happen to rip out, of course).
So far, with the old Quick Set infusion sets and the new Sil infusion sets,
I'm batting about 50/50 as far as infusion sets going bad/having to be
replaced before the end of the 3-day recommended life cycle. Is this common?
I'm also curious how others with Sil sets remove them? There's a lot more
tape (which means a lot more jostling the cannula while you loosen the tape)
and it seems rather more difficult to take off than the regular 6mm Quick
Set was.
Thanks again, and thanks for reading this far!

PL = Paradigm Link/BD Logic Meter
OT = One Touch Ultra Meter
I'm doing tests using both meters for a while to have data to compare to the
new Paradigm/BD meter that should arrive tomorrow.
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