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RE: [IP] meter problems?

I've had a lot of problems with this meter. I use it only to download the
pump to my computer. MM should be release their ONE TOUCH meter that
communicates with the pump soon.

I would ask for a replacement meter and strips and compare this with the
results for tests on the one touch before I relied on it. I would also
report the problem on the FDA web site so they can track problems. 

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Subject: [IP] meter problems?

Had something odd happen today that I haven't experienced before.
I was feeling hypoglycemic so I tested my sugar:

12:56pm it said I was 108

That didn't seem right, so I tested again (new poke, new finger):

12:57pm it said I was 118

Further confused, I tested again (new poke, new finger):

12:57pm it said I was 115

Since this is a new meter (Paradigm Link/BD Logic) I got out my old meter
(OneTouch Ultra), which told me:

1:38 - 64 (OneTouch) (difference of 51 points)

And that was exactly how I felt. I ran a control solution test on the
Paradigm Link (new bottle of control solution, expires 06/2009) and it was
124 (acceptable range of 100-145).
I got on the phone with MedTronic who connected me to NovaMax, the meter
manufacturer. While on hold I ran another test:

1:18pm - 132 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger)

The rep had me run another control solution test:

1:23pm - 130 (Paradigm Link Control Solution)

And told me it was in the acceptable range. She then had me run two
back-to-back sugar tests:

1:36pm - 93 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger) 1:36pm - 53 (OneTouch,
same finger as above) (Variation of 40 points)
1:37pm - 90 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger) 1:37pm - 54 (One Touch,
same finger as above) (Variation of 36 points)

I ran a control test of the OneTouch to make sure:

1:43 - 113 (One Touch Control Solution; range is 101-135, solution expires
05/2009, strips are less than a month old)

The Nova rep told me that the Paradigm link was working properly and to
contact my doctor. (?!) I asked what good that would do and she suggested
maybe my 'acceptable range' of sugars would need to be adjusted.  I told her
that when my sugar is low and I'm shaking from hypoglycemia I don't care
what my 'acceptable range' is, I want a meter that's going to tell me the
right numbers.
She offered to replace the strips or machine if I wanted them to, but there
was quite a bit of hesitation in actually wanting me to go that route.
Since this is a first (where my meter told me one thing that didn't agree
with how I was feeling) I'm not sure if this is common or not. My instinct
is to replace the meter.  But I wanted to get some input from others before
I force that issue with them.
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