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Re: [IP] MM CGMS site problems

 I have also been having a similar problem. I just have not been able to
determine (not should I have to do that type analysis) if it is the pump, Quick
Set or both. The problem exists in areas of my abdominal that can not (or should
not) have scar tissue. It's sections that I have intentionally not used or used
no more that 8 to ten times in 20 years.
 I don't know how one goes about introducing problems to a Watch Agencies for
independent study. But, this problem may need to be handled this way.

>From my viewpoint, something it Very, Very Wrong!!

Regardless, let's remain positive/optimistic.

I need some advice about sites for the Real Time.  I have been using my
abdomen since I started 7 months ago.  I have been having some sensors that
don't work, or that give wild readings, or for several hours have registered
at below 40 when my BG is normal.  MM has suggested that scar tissue may be
the problem.  I can only use one side of my abdomen.  (The other side has a
gastric pacemaker, which can't have anything that "beams" within 4 inches.)  I
tried the top of my thigh once.  It hurt badly, started giving bad readings
after I used my stationary bike, and left a red bump that is still present 3
weeks later.  I'm fairly slim and very short.  I've thought of trying my thigh
again further toward the inside--there's more fat there but I'm afraid it will
hurt.  I just don't have much real estate available.  I'm also somewhat of a
pansy regarding pain,  Ideas?

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