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Re: [IP] meter problems?

If the control number is set right, then I think you need to request a 
new meter then... something is definitely out of whack.

Brad Bergman wrote:
> Ted,
> There is a control #, but the meter is programmed/set to correspond with the
> bottle's control #, and the tests fell within the acceptable variation.
> Though the rep couldn't explain why the variation between meters was outside
> the acceptable control range.
> I just spoke to my main Medtronic rep and they told me they're working on a
> new meter with a different company... So I'm guessing others have had
> similar problems with NovaMax...?
> One thing I hope they improve: when the pump reminds me to check my sugars,
> and I check my sugar, even thought the meter transmits the reading, I still
> need to manually cancel the reminder. Seems to me it should recognize the
> new meter reading and auto-cancel the reminder.
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