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Re: [IP] meter problems?

First, does the paradigm link have control numbers on the test strip 
container... in other words does the meter have to be told the 
fluctuation value of the strips?  If so, is the correct number entered?  
If so, I would demand a replacement meter... that is way too much 
deviation.  If not, then I would enter the correct number, and try the 
experiment again. 

My 2c worth...admittedly, you probably overpaid for it!  :)

Brad Bergman wrote:
> Had something odd happen today that I haven't experienced before.
> I was feeling hypoglycemic so I tested my sugar:
> 12:56pm it said I was 108
> That didn't seem right, so I tested again (new poke, new finger):
> 12:57pm it said I was 118
> Further confused, I tested again (new poke, new finger):
> 12:57pm it said I was 115
> Since this is a new meter (Paradigm Link/BD Logic) I got out my old meter
> (OneTouch Ultra), which told me:
> 1:38 - 64 (OneTouch) (difference of 51 points)
> And that was exactly how I felt. I ran a control solution test on the
> Paradigm Link (new bottle of control solution, expires 06/2009) and it was
> 124 (acceptable range of 100-145).
> I got on the phone with MedTronic who connected me to NovaMax, the meter
> manufacturer. While on hold I ran another test:
> 1:18pm - 132 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger)
> The rep had me run another control solution test:
> 1:23pm - 130 (Paradigm Link Control Solution)
> And told me it was in the acceptable range. She then had me run two
> back-to-back sugar tests:
> 1:36pm - 93 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger)
> 1:36pm - 53 (OneTouch, same finger as above) (Variation of 40 points)
> 1:37pm - 90 (Paradigm Link, new poke, new finger)
> 1:37pm - 54 (One Touch, same finger as above) (Variation of 36 points)
> I ran a control test of the OneTouch to make sure:
> 1:43 - 113 (One Touch Control Solution; range is 101-135, solution expires
> 05/2009, strips are less than a month old)
> The Nova rep told me that the Paradigm link was working properly and to
> contact my doctor. (?!) I asked what good that would do and she suggested
> maybe my 'acceptable range' of sugars would need to be adjusted.  I told her
> that when my sugar is low and I'm shaking from hypoglycemia I don't care
> what my 'acceptable range' is, I want a meter that's going to tell me the
> right numbers.
> She offered to replace the strips or machine if I wanted them to, but there
> was quite a bit of hesitation in actually wanting me to go that route.
> Since this is a first (where my meter told me one thing that didn't agree
> with how I was feeling) I'm not sure if this is common or not. My instinct
> is to replace the meter.  But I wanted to get some input from others before
> I force that issue with them.
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