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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #857

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 21:39:48 -0700, you wrote:

 >> I missed some of the segment on 60 MINUTES re/ diabetes, obese diabetics,
>>duodenum, and a cure. There was talk of a bypass, and I THINK the bypass
>>involved the duodenum.
>>  Can anybody add information?

A good deal of it, unfortunately, went slightly over my head as to exact
 anatomical details of what they were doing and what had effect. But the gist of
it was based on the observation that for a large percentage of those people who
 got gastric bypass surgery for obesity, after the surgery, their type 2
essentially went away.  Long before significant weight loss, and independent of
it.    Animal experiments showed similar disappearance of induced diabetes with
 that surgery, and reapperance of it when the surgery was reversed. In addition
to diabetes, the gastric bypass also seemed to drastically change the risk of a
 rather wide variety of cancers that seem to be higher risk for obese people.
that this "cure" was for type 2, not type 1 diabetes, however it seemed to hold
true even for fairly severe cases where patients were up to taking insulin, not
 just oral antidiabetic agents. Apparently, the effect seems due to the fact
gastric bypass not only bypasses a large section of the stomach, but also a
 section at the top of the intestine? (that's the details I'm fuzzy about,
to a phone call that interrupted that part of the show...)

 Then there was a bunch of rather confused discussion over who gets gastric
 and why, and whether various doctors being interviewed would do this for
 other than obesity (curing the diabetes) etc. I got the impression that it's
yet being done for those reasons, but some of the docs were in favor of trying

Perhaps others can add more details.

Peter Rowe
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