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RE: [IP] RE:Symlin and dual wave on pump (Judy)


I wouldn't recommend such a big drop in your basal besides you should probably
only change one thing at a time.

Judy @ CA


From: email @ redacted on behalf of Linda
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Subject: RE: [IP] RE:Symlin and dual wave on pump (Judy)

At 05:02 PM 4/21/2008, you wrote:
>It may be a wise idea the first time you use it just be sure to check
>every 15-30 minutes the first couple of times.
>For myself I have settled into about 40/60 dual wave but if you are very
>sensitive you may try 30/70 as I have read others do.  For the duration
>I am using 90 minutes.
>When I increased to 5.0 I did have to reduce the bolus some.  To be
>honest at first this Symlin is very easy but then when you begin to
>increase it gets a little more complicated....as D.P. has disappeared
>for me so I had to re-adjust my morning basal rate. My BG is more steady
>throughout the day.
>I have had some nausea a couple times but it was to be expected, your
>body does adjust and it goes away....I LOVE the steady BG though....
>Good luck!

Thank you, Judy

I will try it your way to see if it helps.
I am doing this because even though I am pretty confident that I dose
correctly for carbs, I still have wild highs a couple hours after
eating, sometimes going up into the 400's.
I am starting off by using the SymlinPen60, so am going to start at
the lowest dose (which is 15) and every few days go to the next dose
up until I am getting 60.
It's going to be a slow process and I sure hope it works
I am not sure what D.P. means unless you mean dawn phenomenon.
My basal rate is set currently to 1.2 and I am thinking of setting it
down to .8.
It sure would be great to get some good control and need smaller
amounts of insulin so that I could lose weight easier.

Linda Hatch
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