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[IP] Moving to China


 I am excited to be relocating from the US to Hong Kong very soon.
Unfortunately I do not know much about pumping or diabetes health care
in China. Most of my time will be spent in Hong Kong SAR with
occassional trips to Shanghai and quick access to Shenzen.

 For reference I currently use the following:

 - Novolog/NovoRapid fast actiing insulin ; 100mL vials.
 - Lifescan One Touch Ultra test strips
 - Deltec Cozmo insulin pump (company does not do business in HK but
Minimed does ! )
   - Cleo Infusion sets
   - Comfort Infusion sets ( same as Minimed Silhouette )
 - 1/2cc or 3/10cc insulin syringes

 So I seek your experience and advice on pumping and ANYTHING diabetes
related in China. Some of my questions are below but I welcome any
input on the subject.

Here is what I DO know:

  Deltec does not do business in HK. I was also told they were looking
 into opening an office. But I never got a straight answer so I safely
 assume no.

  Minimed does do some business it seems. Which would only help
 with infusion sets.

  My employer is providing private health insurance coverage but it
 will not cover my diabetes for the first year under pre-existing

 Hong Kong also has a public health care system that I have been told
will cover me. But I have no idea what is actually covered. ( insulin,
pump supplies ? )

  Going by these websites:


    A visit to a specialist would cost $100 HKD for the first visit
  with a fee of $10 HKD for each related prescription item. Lab work
  included. How much supplies are typically dispensed per visit ? (Here
  in the US I get a 3 month supply)

  In general where do I get most of my supplies and how much do they
cost ? Any pricing guidelines so I can make an estimate ?

 What type of insulin, test strips, syringes would the public and
private systems cover ?

 What pharmacies carry these supplies ? Do you need a prescription for
this stuff ?

 Where do I get pump supplies ? Is it any easier or cheaper
to procure in Shanghai or Shenzen ? Does the private or public health
system cover any of it ? ( Infusion sets, reservoirs, etc )

  http://www.maibang.net  Cozmo distributor in Beijing.
  http://www.minimed.com.cn/Site/index.asp   Minimed China
  http://www.minimed.com/help/contact/locations.html#HongKong  Minimed
Hong Kong Address

 Is Novolog/NovoRapid available in 100mL vials ? According to the
Registered Pharmaceuticals website: http://www.psdh.gov.hk:80/eps/webpage.jsp
NovoRapid is only available in pen form. So that only leaves Humalog.

-Thank You

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