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[IP] bruising at cannula site

I use multiple sets - using different types for different places on my body.
I used the quick-set without an inserter for years - but got an inserter a few
months ago and have had less bad sites with my quick-sets since using the
inserter.  For me, I think it is because the inserter inserts the set much
quicker than I did by hand.  As someone noted, you do have to remember to push
the top of the inserter clear in after you push the two white buttons - also -
you noted on one set the cannual was left sitting on "top" of your skin.  When
using the inserter - make SURE to keep the inserter pressed tightly against
your body when pushing the two white buttons which releases the spring in the
inserter.  If you don't have the inserter pushed tightly against your body
when releasing the spring - the momentum of the spring "can" push the unit
back away from the skin a little - causing the cannula to not enter the skin
correctly.  I had the problem of the  "set" falling back out of the inserter
the first few times also until I figured out I had to "push" it tightly into
the inserter.  I really think someone who actually uses the inserter should
"re-write" the instructions - they are not very clear and specific at all.

For someone who has used Quick-Sets and Ultra-Flex sets manually for years, I
really like the inserters for both of these sets (once I figured them out on
my own - hence the unclear directions).  They allow me to reach sites on my
body I have never been able to use before - and I have had less bad sites
since starting to use the inserters.  However all inserters are obviously not
the same - because when I use the Animas set with the inserter built right
into it - I also have bruising, the sites hurt like crazy upon insertion and
they don't last at all for me - obviously for me this spring is somehow way
too powerful in its insertion and just "bangs" into my skin way too hard.
YMMV!  :-)

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