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Re: [IP] Bruising at cannula insertion site

Hey Brad,

I have had many of the same problems you described. I started on the
MM 722 last august and the first few months were not the greatest.
It's not that I was constantly in pain, but I would have Infusion sets
failing on and off. I never knew what was going to happen with the
next one. I am on the lean side too and lost about 15 lbs, something I
did not want to do. With the help of people on this list including
Felix, Roselea, Diane (sorry, can't name everyone) I am doing lot
better now. I am just going to list them here for you and hopefully
other people who have similar problems.
1) I started with 6mm Quicksets. I think by default most people on MM
start with Quicksets (9mm or 6mm). I've had about 50% success ratio
with them. I switched to Silhouette (13mm). They work a lot better
than Quicksets for me. I would recommend ask MM (or your RN )for a few
samples, and if they work, switch immediately. Do not wait for the
next cycle. Also like Felix indicated, leave an inch between two
insertion sites

2) I use my arms, lower abdomen and my butt area. I also plan to use
my thighs soon. The more places you have, the better. You might notice
better absorption in some areas compared to others. So test often

3) When I change my sets and take a bolus immediately, it doesn't work
too well. So now, I change it at night. I also leave the old set in
for couple of hours after inserting the new one. Don't be alarmed if
you see high numbers after you change. You just have to figure out,
the best time for you to insert.

4) I have to change my set after 72 hours. If I don't it causes
bruising and my skin has spots. Please experiment with this. I used to
leave it for 3.5 days initially, but that seems to be too long for me

5) I lost lot of weight initially (the first 2 months) simply because,
I the infusion sets were not working properly and I started eating
less & stressing. Get help. Talk to people on the list, your CDE and
your doctor

I wish MM (I am not sure what other companies do) would have a
"starter kit" and include couple samples of all infusion sets. That
way a new user could find the best one for them.

Feel free to ask any questions. Hope this helps

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Brad Bergman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> The RN at my doctor's office is actually a trained Medtronic trainer and did
> do the training with me here at my house. The problem is... the first set I
> did with the trainer went in smoothly and we didn't have any problems. I
> can't expect her to be here each time I do it. :)  Incidentally, she also
> commented that I may want the Silhouette... But at that time we only had
> what Medtronic had delivered to me, which was the 90 degree/6mm.
> The initial recommendation was made over the phone. I got a call from
> Medtronic that the insurance had approved the pump and they were sending the
> pump and supplies. I don't know what communication they may have had with my
> doctor's office, but they asked my height and weight and if I considered
> myself lean, which I replied "6' tall, 170 pounds, very lean, especially in
> the abdomen area". I wonder if the Medtronic rep didn't accidentally read
> the "cannula recommendation chart" grid incorrectly for my measurements,
> because he sounded certain the 90 degree/6mm cannula was what was
> recommended.
> Dunno... But hopefully we'll get it all straightened out. Cannula/infusion
> site problems aside, I'm loving the pump. As someone else recently posted,
> "It's great when it works..."
> Brad
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Felix Kasza (lists) [mailto:email @ redacted]
> Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2008 2:11 PM
> To: email @ redacted
> Cc: email @ redacted
> Subject: RE: [IP] Bruising at cannula insertion site
> Hi Brad,
>  > [...] and when I told [Minimed] I was pretty  > lean they said this
> (90degree, 6mm) was the  > recommended set for me.
> In today's world, I would translate "pretty lean" as "enough sub-q fat for a
> 6mm cannula", too. :-) If it helps, near the end of my voluntary starvation
> (weight loss is not a "voyage", it's a life sentence), I started having the
> exact same problems that you are seeing.
>  > Everyone else, including my doctor, my trainer,  > and the most recent
> rep have since said the  > Silhouette would be best.
> That initial recommendation, was it made over the phone? I still don't get
> it; usually, a clinician will help you get started on the pump -- your endo
> or one of his friends, a CDE or RN from the manufacturer, something like
> this. Were you not offered pump training by a qualified trainer before
> starting?
> I probably should shut up concerning this, seeing how I declined the kind
> offers of pump training I got, but to my good fortune, I was fat enough for
> an oil pipeline -- learning was less painful for me. :)
> Cheers,
> Felix.
> .
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