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RE: [IP] Bruising at cannula insertion site

Hi Brad,

 > [...] and when I told [Minimed] I was pretty
 > lean they said this (90degree, 6mm) was the
 > recommended set for me.

In today's world, I would translate "pretty lean" as "enough sub-q
fat for a 6mm cannula", too. :-) If it helps, near the end of my
voluntary starvation (weight loss is not a "voyage", it's a life
sentence), I started having the exact same problems that you are

 > Everyone else, including my doctor, my trainer,
 > and the most recent rep have since said the
 > Silhouette would be best.

That initial recommendation, was it made over the phone? I still
don't get it; usually, a clinician will help you get started on
the pump -- your endo or one of his friends, a CDE or RN from the
manufacturer, something like this. Were you not offered pump
training by a qualified trainer before starting?

I probably should shut up concerning this, seeing how I declined
the kind offers of pump training I got, but to my good fortune, I
was fat enough for an oil pipeline -- learning was less painful
for me. :)

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