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Re: [IP] <snipping> posts

5700+ members, High volume list traffic... I dunno, Yhooch seems a bit  
'underpowered' for all that IP does.

Forums can be set up just like THIS list (Think "Spirit" or "Parents  
of Pumpers"...) here in the IP network. You would not have to read  
them on the web, but admins would take your subscription request and  
you would get emails like you would with IP mail generally.

Contribution$ are indeed needed for this list to be maintained on IP  
servers and bandwidth, office space and paying bills. Nothing,  
absolutely Nothing is Free. The man is running this whole list with a  
volunteer team of co-administrators. Even on SSI and part time work,  
*I* do a standing contribution to the IP service! I value this list  
even though 'BABY FORMULA' and other 'infusion set questions' and such  
may not have any interest to me, they do to others. We all should feel  
a wish to contribute even a buck a month! Gads, if every member gave a  
DOLLAR A MONTH (!!) that would pretty much wipe out the need for the  
fund drives and all. It's simply a case of "Think Globally". If you  
have insurance and a co-pay to go see a doc, how much does THAT set  
you back per year when many questions could be answered here on the  

Yahoo and others take on major advertisements and they get their money  
from there. I like NO ads, other than pump makers and online  
pharmacies etc. I own and belong to a total of 18 Yahoogroups lists  
and every email other than traditional format has ads and links  

I can, if a group is set to public, go and read emails as I want at  
yahoo, including addresses, phone numbers, personal details....  
Nothing is really private. But setting the group to private and  
invitation only is a real bear. no one gets in unless the moderator  
invites and approves new posters.  IP, being an autonomous list is not  
prey to fluctuations of yahoo or others closing down, and hey Yahoo is  
also polling people frequently about what we would PAY to remain in  
their service. I feel the membership volume, all the 'sub-lists' and  
webrings Michael has would be rendered almost useless on a major email  
club provider like Yahoo.


On Apr 20, 2008, at 12:29 PM, Joy L Wright wrote:

> Switching to  forum may lose you a lot of users........including me.  
> I hate
> forums and I hate having to be on the web to read mail...any mail!
> I don't understand why the contributions are necessary anyway. Is  
> there some
> reason this list can't go thru one of the big access points such as  
> yahoo or
> onelist? They're free! JMHO..........joy
> .
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