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RE: [IP] Bruising at cannula insertion site

It sounds like you are having a lot of difficulty/pain that definitely is
not normal--especially these days with the wonderful Teflon cannulas (not as
painful as the bent-needle sets I wore in 1987 when I first got my pump). If
you haven't already, definitely call Minimed (they are open 24/7); let them
know of your problems/dissatisfaction, etc. They *should* offer to replace
the sets you wasted, maybe even send some "makeups," and get you with a rep
for additional help/training as Felix suggested. (They ask you to send the
"problem set" that gave you trouble. MM sends a bunch of packaging to mail
each offending set in so their technical team can study each set. See if you
have any in your garbage before it all gets emptied.)

I have used the Quick-Serter for many years and there is one *very important
step* that must be done. 

After pushing the two white buttons simultaneously (with the thumb and
middle or ring finger; put your pointer finger on top of the Quick-Serter),
you need to hold the edges of the Quick-Serter with your other hand and push
down *firmly* in the middle on the top of the Quick-Serter until you hear a
loud "click." 

I would_never_put the Quick-Sets in manually! The faster they go in the
better. I was also a slow shot-giver. Before MM came out with an inserter
for the older Sof-Sets, I stuck them in too slowly so they often crimped as
I inserted them--ouch--and then I had to throw it away :(   I had to have my
husband put my Sof-Sets in because he did it quickly so it wouldn't crimp.

Another little tip....after placing the Quick-Set in the Quick-Serter, make
sure the upside-down set is "flush" with the edge of the Quick-Serter (I
push/nudge it down at the point where the tubing attaches to the plastic
ring). Then I take the two tape pieces off. Then I pull the middle (cocking
device) down with one hand while holding the base with my other hand. You
can push/nudge again to make sure it is still seated as deeply as possible
in the device. Then remove the blue protective cap around the needle--being
careful not to *simply pull*! You must twist and pull at the same time to
remove the plastic piece. Be sure the two white plastic buttons are sticking
all the way out as this means it is fully cocked. 

I will say I have also had a problem recently with my upper abdomen
(anywhere above my belt line). I am not super thin, but I am quite muscular.
If I get a good site there--it absorbs amazingly well, but most of the time,
it either hurts (which is not normal), my sugar goes high, or I get an
occlusion alarm (does not happen every time you have a bad site). You have
to go with what your body/intuition tells you with a pump. If you have
pain--take it out :( I have always used a MM pump and I love them, but there
is not always an occlusion alarm with a bad site or with a cannula that
bends when inside you.

I hope this makes sense to you, it is much easier to do once you've done it
many times, but difficult to write/explain.
Best of luck to you!
 :) Andrea

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"All have been inserted manually, up until this morning when I used the
Catapult-Serter. So far I've been inserting the needle so that the tube is
parallel to my waistline (not a big deal since it's a straight-in set), but
so that the tubing doesn't get bent too much. I never did the fast jab
injections before, either... Found fast stabs hurt a lot more than slowly
putting the needle in. I also don't like the spring-loaded finger pokers,
but whatareyagonnado?  

Personally I think this Quick-Serter is poorly designed: it has two buttons
on opposite sides that both need to be pushed simultaneously. Push one
before the other and the mount goes a bit cockeyed. So I wonder if the
needle/cannula is even going in straight. Plus the Quickset fell out of the
device twice just lifting the Quick-Serter up to my side."
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