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[IP] re: pump with surgery

Michelle wrote:

> where's the best place on your leg for a site?? 
> I am going to have plastic surgery......
> no more pooch, flat belly to be created.

I had a laparotomy in February of 1998, and thanks to this
site and the COOOL people who belonged (some even still
belong to IP), I managed to keep my pump - even through
stomach surgery.  People from IP, virtual strangers, were 
faxing and calling the hospital when they found out I was
due to be sliced open....read my accounts from Feb and Mar
of 1998.  Since then, I have also kept the pump on for a 

the best thing to do is have the anesthesia guy come talk
to you...he or she is king in the OR as it relates to your 
bg....if it was gonna be a longer surgery, "MAYBE" I would
relinquish control (though I sincerely doubt it, as they are
gonna have to peel this sucker out of my cold dead hands), 
but just for 2 hours? no way.  

As for your leg...since the laparotomy, I have continued to
use them to give my belly a break every once in a while.
The top surface around to the outside 
works best for me. I run the introducer needle aiming in 
to the center and down ...anything past the middle of the top 
of my thigh and it HURTS.  I have muscular legs so if am
gonna be working out a lot, I won't use them...but you aren't
gonna be working out much during or after your surgery, so you
should be fine

Try to have your bgs runnning pretty stable for the 12 - 18 hours 
before...and stay a little higher than you would normally..
Talk to the anesthesia guy - i aimed for 150 - 180

Also make sur eyou know if you have saline or glucose in your
IV bag..

Can you have someone in recovery with you to help with bgs?
After the vitrectomy when I couldn't see, they let my sister 
come in.  I did all the poking, but she aimed the strip at my
blood and told me what the number was...then i walked her
through the correction bolus

Good luck - but now where are you gonna wear your pump with no
more belly???  awww poor you...heh heh...I am happy for you, and
can't wait to hear how it turns out!


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