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Re: [IP] Dietary concerns


 I am curious if a C-peptide test was ordered. I certainly hope so, to go along
with the HbA1c. He seems like he may fit the profile of a late developing type
1. You don't state his age, but you said that "he mentioned that his doctor 20
years ago mentioned something about having [acid] in his urine", so I would
assume that he's in at least his 40's, but it's possible that he may not really
be a type 2 - treatment may be radically different.

 It may be important to test for GAD antibodies, too. The whole "what is a type
1" subject has been flogged to death here lately, so I don't want to open that
door back up, but it's important to confirm that he really is a type 2.

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07

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From: CM Ullom <email @ redacted> 

 > If his sugars are running that high, that right there could be the main cause
 > of him to loose weight - just like a type 1 that isn't getting enough insulin
 > is he running high keytones would be something to watch. (alright probably
> this, didn't have any dietary ideas but this red flag popped up for me) 
> Christene 
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> From: Jamie Naessens email @ redacted 
> Although I'm T1, my husband has just been dx as T2. Unlike most T2s, he's on 
> the thin side, and tends to lose too much weight. He's always had to work to 
> maintain a healthy weight, and did so by eating a lot - carbs included. 
> (snip) 
> Despite this his BGs tend to range 180 - 300, but tending to 
> stick in the 220-ish area. 
> What can I do to reduce his carb and fat intake, and still give him what his 
> metabolism requires so that he doesn't lose weight? Any resources you can 
> point me to? Suggestions? 
> Thanks for any help on this one. 
> Jamie 
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