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RE: [IP] Animas - Cozmo

I've had the Animas 2020 pump since June 2007.  I have been very happy with
my pump and have had no problems since receiving it.  My primary reason for
selecting Animas is their wonderful customer support.

The food database is exactly what is says.  It contains nutrition
information for various foods, including packaged and fast food places,
based on specific serving sizes.  You select the foods you are going to eat
and the number of servings.  It will calculate your bolus amount based on
your I:C ratio.  At that point you can decide how you want your bolus
deliver, i.e. all at once or combo and at what percentages of what
timeframe.  The Animas pump does not store how you want your bolus

Phil Lindner

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 A question for people with Animas: Can you customize the food database
the software that comes with the 2020 pump to have things specifically
to your own needs? For example, if you eat at restaurant A and always need
units of insulin, split into a combo bolus of 60% now and 40% later, can you
program that into the food database?

 This is something that can be done in the food database of the Cozmo, and
just trying to make a comparison of the two different pumps. My Cozmo is out
warranty and I'm looking at my other options for when something happens.

 Also would like to hear from others who have recently purchased a new pump
what were the determining factors of why they chose either a Cozmo or
Animas. No
need to respond if you picked MM, as that is not a consideration for me.

Thanks for any input.  

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