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RE: [IP] Dietary concerns

Hi again, Jamie,

 > If he is limited right now for cholesterol
 > reasons, protein sources are rather limited?
 > Chicken? A little egg? low fat cottage
 > cheese?...

Chicken is an excellent start. I would also think about fish --
high-quality protein, lean (assuming you pick right), and
delicious! Boring, but also low (as in zero) in cholesterol are
egg whites.

 > He loves sausages and bacon...

Bacon is fine, as long as he just smells it. :-)

 > He does walk daily every day [...]

I am glad he does, but for stable BGs, I found a balance of
aerobic and strength training to have more of an effect. (HMMV,
but there are studies pointing that way, too.) As it happens, I am
not a fan of complicated equipment anyway; a Bowflex, for
instance, reminds me of nothing so much as a self-strangulation
device. Springs, cords, pulleys -- Rube Goldberg lives yet!

It is amazing what one can do without any equipment at all. For
starters, squats (or old-fashioned knee-bends, if your husband's
knees can stand them), push-ups, and seated elbow dips would
nicely complement core exercises like crunches and back
extensions. For the arm flexors, or as extra weight later in the
game, a milk gallon jug, filled with whatever quantity of water or
sand is adequate, serves nicely. If you want to splurge, spend $30
on a chin-up bar for a doorframe.

Mind you, I *like* free weights, on a decent bar, in a proper cage
for safety. But for now, I see no need for them.

The best site ever for weight training is "Mistress Krista's"
weight training for women at stumptuous.com. It's well-written,
realistic, and absolutely hilarious. As a sample, here is a fake
news report:

	"website author finally does a chinup!

	"Humble website author Krista managed to follow
	 her own advice and succeed at doing a chinup.
	 "It's amazing", said one gym source, "considering
	 that for months she just hung there like a dead
	 fish." [...]"

The site has, if needed, links to places like exrx.com and so
forth. It is found at


I particularly direct your attention to the article "No weights?
No problem!" here:


This page -- using sand and common household/garden tools only --
essentially gives you a reasonably complete weight gym for $50 or

And if, in a year or two, your husband gets bored with
bench-pressing small houses, there are always the wonderful "Beast
Skills" to aspire to:


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