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Re: [IP] Bruising at canula insertion site

> I just changed my infusion set for the 3rd time (been on the pump only
> a week now) and upon removing the old set noticed a very angry, very
> sore bruise at the location where the canula had gone into the skin.
> It's almost like a blood blister, as it's very small, but very
> concentrated (hasn't dispersed into the surrounding tissue). I had
> some discomfort into day 2, but as this is only my 3rd infusion set,
> and am still learning what's just discomfort vs. what could be a more
> serious problem, I didn't give it much thought. In fact, I tend to
> find the canula to be quite uncomfortable most of the time.
> I'm just curious... Is this bruising common?  Today it hurts like hell
> (deep ache, painful to touch my side) but thankfully shows no sign of
> infection. I'm also curious how long I'll need to stay away from this
> area for future insertions?
> Thanks in advance!

Sounds like the cannula has penetrated through the sub-cu tissue into 
muscle. You probably need a shorter cannula or a switch to a set like 
the Tender/Sil/Comfort set where you can more easily control the 
depth of insertion. Your cannula should not "hurt" or "ache". This is 
a sure sign that it is too deep.

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