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Re: [IP] Question (connected or not connected sugergy)

 Just some antidotal information - however my friend went in for a 1.5 hour
procedure (this was also about 10 years ago she had the 506 MM pump). Her
starting sugar was about 120 - pretty good for her. They were told to NOT
disconnect, but someone felt it was better to disconnect while she was asleep,
as so she wouldn't go low. Recovery always took her a bit longer than most, and
by the time she was fully awakened her sugars were at 600 and later climbed
above 700. She was NOT feeling so well by then and rather unhappy that they took
it among themselves to disconnect, even though her regular doctor had written in
the notes not to disconnect or remove the pump. They could not figure out why
things went to bad for her. Wasn't until that evening was she able to convince
them in the hospital to allow her to go back on her pump. I"d always go with
keep the pump on, reduced the basal accordingly, so that you might run a tad bit
higher, but still remain
  control. This is what I did when I had my tonsils removed and a UPPP - I
wasn't eating much and reduced my basal to 70 or 75% and rant great sugars.
Because of sleep apnea, I had to stay overnight.


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