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RE: [IP] Bruising at canula insertion site

Hi Brad,

 > [...] upon removing the old set noticed
 > a very angry, very sore bruise [...] I tend
 > to find the canula to be quite uncomfortable
 > most of the time.

First off, what kind of set do you use?

They are usually classed in steel-needle vs. Teflon cannula, and
in straight-in (90deg) vs. angled-insertion sets. If you could
tell us the set name and the cannula length, it would help.

Second, where did you insert the sets?

Straight-in sets need a substantial fat layer to work with; angled
sets look more intimidating (to reach the same depth, the cannula
must be longer than for a straight-in set), but can, if needs
must, be punched through a skin fold such that the cannula is flat
between the skin and its underlayers.

Third, how did you insert the set?

Do you use an insertion device? If you use angled sets, does the
cannula point towards your head, your toes, or your sides? When
you move, particular patches of your skin tend to always fold in
the same direction; abdominal skin, for example, folds cross-wise
(generally) because of the way the underlying muscles pull. The
cannula/needle should be parallel to these folds: If you use the
abdomen, the needle should point neither at your feet nor at your

Fourth, discomfort is _not_ normal.

But you'll get it fixed, once you figure out what kind of set you
need, and how and where to insert it.

Fifth, site rotation varies. Rule of thumb: Move at least one inch
away, and don't re-use that spot for a month.

What works for me is to start on the left half of my abdomen, just
under the rib cage, and to zig-zag my way down to just above the
belt line; the next set is adjacent to the old one, such that the
circles of the sticky patches don't overlap. Once I have used the
bottom row, I switch to the right side of the abdomen and repeat
the process.

I also use my thighs, although these are a little more tricky --
no fat, lots of blood vessels right under the skin that want
avoiding, and so on.

Special note: Some folks use four sites only, essentially four
spots in a hand-sized circle around the navel. That is not
sufficient -- insulin is structurally similar to growth hormones
(and has similar effects), and tissues do not like to be
constantly bathing in a pool of insulin.

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