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RE: [IP] Dietary concerns

Hi Jamie,

 > Despite this his BGs tend to range 180 - 300,
 > but tending to stick in the 220-ish area.

I am surprised the doctor is waiting for an HbA1c result; if a
series of BGs over a few days are all above 180, mine would not

 > What can I do to reduce his carb and fat intake,
 > and still give him what his metabolism requires
 > so that he doesn't lose weight?

In the end, it comes down to the old "calories in minus calories
out". "Calories in" come from only three classes of substance --
carbohydrate, fat, protein. The only thing you can try increasing
is protein.

Note that T2DM is often diagnosed very late, because of a
long-time absence of overt symptoms. That means that kidney damage
may already exist; you may want to discuss this aspect with a
doctor before cranking up your husband's protein intake.

Somewhat counterintuitively, your husband may want to try a
strength workout program, with an emphasis on building muscle
mass, if he doesn't already. That is an excellent use for protein,
and it has very pleasant effects on overall BG control (not just
during and shortly after workouts) and, apparently, lipid levels.
Plus, you would be able to feed him more carbs without sending him
on the BG roller coaster.

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