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[IP] Dietary concerns

Although I'm T1, my husband has just been dx as T2. Unlike most T2s, he's on
the thin side, and tends to lose too much weight. He's always had to work to
maintain a healthy weight, and did so by eating a lot - carbs included.

All the info I've found re T2 seems to focus on the importance of weight loss,
which of course isn't his problem. He's always had a heavy reliance on carbs
and higher fats (due to high BG, he has higher LDL too).

He's not on meds yet though, although the dr said he will be. The doctor is
waiting for the results of the A1C before she will prescribe anything at all.
So we're doing this entirely au natural, trying to reduce the carbs/fat as
best we can. Despite this his BGs tend to range 180 - 300, but tending to
stick in the 220-ish area.

What can I do to reduce his carb and fat intake, and still give him what his
metabolism requires so that he doesn't lose weight? Any resources you can
point me to?  Suggestions?

Thanks for any help on this one.

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