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RE: [IP] Question

At 10:30 AM 4/19/2008, Mark Schweim wrote:
>My Animas pump's leather case isn't as water proof as the pump, and the 2020
>doesn't fit securely in the "flip case clip" that came with my IR 1250, so
>rather than redesign the flip case to fit the 2020, they, from my info, just
>chose to DISCONTINUE that product...  POOR CHOICE in my opinion... (But what
>would I know???  I'm ONLY a pump USER... NOT a manufacturer...  The Flip
>Cover case was the ONLY truly "waterproof" case Animas USED TO make for
>their pump.  But I guess too few people bought it, since they used to GIVE
>ONE AWAY with the purchase of the IR 1250, and mine lasted longer than I had
>the 1250.

My 2020 fits fine in the "flip case clip" that came with my 1200.  I 
wear it that way all the time.

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