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RE: [IP] Question

Actually, the possibility of being able to simply disconnect during surgery
would likely depend on your Insulin Sensitivity, and TDD...

My average TDD is about 24 units.

My Animas pump's leather case isn't as water proof as the pump, and the 2020
doesn't fit securely in the "flip case clip" that came with my IR 1250, so
rather than redesign the flip case to fit the 2020, they, from my info, just
chose to DISCONTINUE that product...  POOR CHOICE in my opinion... (But what
would I know???  I'm ONLY a pump USER... NOT a manufacturer...  The Flip
Cover case was the ONLY truly "waterproof" case Animas USED TO make for
their pump.  But I guess too few people bought it, since they used to GIVE
ONE AWAY with the purchase of the IR 1250, and mine lasted longer than I had
the 1250.

Since their available cases are NOT waterproof/tolerant (leather tends to
shrink and start to separate/shrink when drying causing deterioration), I
instead, simply DISCONNECT to take a bath.

I occasionally decide to SOAK in the tub, and usually when that happens,
I'll fall asleep in the tub.

I can usually disconnect after dinner (EARLY AM), soak in the tub, wake 3 -
6 hours later to BG ranging anywhere from 70 - 200 depending on what I had
for "dinner" and how long I slept.

Since I can be disconnected from the pump for up to 8 hours with no apparent
adverse BG results, I'd say whether the "disconnect for a couple hours
during surgery" option feasibility would depend entirely on your own TDD,
ISF, and how your body reacts to stress.

That option may work flawlessly for one person, while failing MISERABLY for
somebody else.  It may not be as much of an unrealistic/unworkable option as
you think it is.

Another case of YMMV.  Just because I can often get by disconnected for up
to 6 hours at a time does NOT mean somebody else can do the same without
ending up with skyrocketing BG results.


Type 1 IDDM, Dx 09/1991
Animas IR 1250 06/2006 - 06/2007
Animas 2020 06/2007 - present

Remember...  Do the BEST YOU CAN... ALWAYS!!!   If you can't depend on
YOURSELF...  Who ELSE can you trust to know what you need when???  And if
YOU can't depend on yourself to follow through, how can you possibly expect
somebody ELSE to trust you to keep your promises???

-----Original Message-----
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 17:42:39 -0600
From: "Michelle hawkins" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Question

  Ok, got a question for you pumpers......where's the best place on your leg
for a site?? Lateral, posterior side, anterior???  I suppose I could just
thigh as I did when I was doing Sub Q injections, but not to sure about
so that is why I am asking.  I am going to have plastic
surgery......oohhhh......abdominalplasty......no more pooch, flat belly to
created.....yeah  (0:......lol........so needless to say I won't be able to
use my hips or my abdomen, I asked about my arms, but can't use my arms as
well......he said I could take it off for 2 hrs.......and I was like
need my external pancreas....hello.......what kind of statement was
that......but then he said I could use my legs as some of his patients in
past have........I have never used my legs and I can't bare the thought of
using my breasts.....ouch, call me chicken, but that just sounds
painful.....lol.....so any insight would be appreciated.......I know we all
vary, but insight would be appreciated...... I have my coban ready to wrap
pump around my thigh with.

  Michelle, RN BSN
  Type I, dx 1981
  Pumper since 2004

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