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Re:[IP] Need help with Medicare!

Cheryl Hite asked, in part:
> Somebody out there must have convinced Medicare that they're supposed to 
> be paying for
> pump supplies and insulin under Medicare Part B, just like it says in my 
> new
> "Medicare and You in 2008" booklet. I need to know what was required and 
> how
> long it took to convince them. Anybody have any hints? What worked for 
> you?

Go to a pharmacy that files Part B *for you.* You cannot do it on your own, 
and they have to be set up for it. I use Target and my KMart has a sign up 
now that they will do it for you. It was a very short time that they came 
through. In fact, Target let me have it the same day I went in, then did the 
filing and they worried about the time.

> John Wilkinson added, in part:
> Sorry forgot to add that Medicare must approve the pump for them to pay 
> for
> the insulin.

Absolutely not true! I have been getting *free* insulin (and strips) through 
Part B and Aetna BC/BS (Medigap policy) for 6 years and have been pumping 
for 24.5 years. MediCare did NOT pay for my pump.

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