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[IP] redundancy

Jan H wrote:

> I don't pay attention to the posts dealing with how
> to trick a sensor into 
> lasting a lot longer than intended since I do not
> have a CGMS.
> Would someone send
> me the tricks privately, 
> to not tie up the list again with redundancy?

ROTFLMAO...how on earth do you see anything having to do 
with blood sugar control, particularly the CGS which
is intrinsically tied into at least ONE pump, as being
redundant. I vehemently disagree that the information is

I think it is hilarious you are worried about a little 
"redundancy"...how many times has this group debated which
insulin is best and which insertion site is best and god
knows we have been around the block a few times on the
meter question, although one of my favorites has been
how to make the set stick to hairy, sweaty bellies

I don't think it would be redundant to post the sensor
tricks, if there are folks that have them.  We might 
not all be able to afford a sensor, just like there are
thousands of people who can't afford a pump, but then again
there are lots of non celiac patietns herein, and yet we
talk about that alot. This is certainly the place to 
discuss all of these things.

SSP, who is working on a 522 with a CGMS, and if I do get it, you can TRUST I 
will be speaking my redundant little heart out :-)

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