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RE: [IP] Baby formula

 Dextro Maltose was a baby formula. I and most of my siblings were all on it and
I am the only Diabetic!

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Being a male I never discussed breast feeding with my mother, but I
do have my baby book, in which my mother wrote about how I was fed
back in late 1932 and early 1933 (date of birth 10 Nov 1932). The
book was authored by John E. Anderson and Florence L. Goodenough,
both of the University of Minnesota and published by The Parents
Magazine, copyright 1931, and titled "The Modern Baby Book". It was
6.5 inches by 9 inches, hard baby-blue cover, with 48 pages. Each
page asked a number of questions to be answered by the mother.

Begin transcription of page 22:
For how many months was breast feeding given? "four months"
Was any supplementary bottle feeding given? "Yes"
If so, state age at which begun "Birth"  If child was bottle fed,
state age of beginning "blank"  and age of weaning from bottle "blank"
Formula used:
1 "Nov 10-32 Mar 10-33 Dextre Maltose Grade A milk water"
2 "Mar 10-               ditto        Certified milk Barley water"
Nursing (I have deleted 2 questions and answers, as probably not
being relevant, and being of a personal nature to my mother.)
At what age was each of the following foods given? Fruit juice? "3 mo"
Vegetsables? "5 1/2 mo" Cereal? "5 mo" Broth? "blank" Toast or
dry bread? "blank" Cod liver oil? "3 mo."
List vegetables given during first two years with age at which they were
"At 5 1/2 mo - carrots, peas, spinach, string beans"
"At ? mo - squash, beets, cabbage, wax beans"
End transcription of page 22

I don't know if any of this might have been a contributing factor in
my being diagnosed with T1 at age 10 years & 1 mo, but by including
it here I am making it available to anyone doing research on the
subject. I'm pretty sure the feeding regimen was dictated by the MD
who delivered me. The same MD diagnosed diabetes ten years later. I
was my mother's first child, so she had no prior experience, and she
was the oldest child in her family, so she got no experience from her
3 siblings.

Note that this book, published in 1931, talks about "formula", but I
have no idea how formula in 1931-1933 relates to formula in more
recent years.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000, Cozmo 2005
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