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[IP] Insurance

This is what happened to me. I am on Medicare A&B. I have Community CCRx for
part D. I went to get Lipitor (for cholesterol) Prinivil for BP. in Jan it was
35.00, Feb. 36.00. In March (17th) it was 146.00. I got upset at CVS, where I
get scripts. All pump supplies I get from CCS Medical Supply in Fl. I live in
Rocky Point, NC. CVS is in Castle Hayne about 8 miles away. I called CCRx when
I got home. Was told I was in the doughnut hole. They sent me the Feb.
statement on which were 17 scripts, 5 of which were mine. I had also gotten
Vigamox for cataract surgery (can see good now). Prozac (for well-being) and
generic darvocet for frozen shoulder pain. The total in March was around
200.00. With CCRx I have a 275.00 deductible. Anyway those other scripts were
posted from a pharmacy in Oklahoma. Was given the number and called there.
There was a lady in a nursing home using the same insurance ID number as mine.
I was told Medicare had given them the number. So more calling. I ended up
having to do all the legwork getting this lady's claims taken off my
insurance. I was the one to call the pharmacy in Oklahoma with a list of dates
and drugs to have removed. Then upon calling CCRx back, found out this had
been going on since last Nov. 13th and I didn't have a clue. Also there were
still a whole list of claims that hadn't been removed so I had to call the
pharmacy back and give them those dates and drugs.  I never get in the
doughnut hole and that is what got this whole thing out in the open. After
talking to all 3 I have come to this conclusion. The pharmacy blamed Medicare,
Medicare blamed Community Care Insurance and Community Care Insurance blamed
the pharmacy. Conclusion is I had to dig myself out of the doughnut hole. I
also found out there is a generic for Lipitor which CVS my pharmacy had not
told me about. Done shopping with them. Half the time my boyfriend has to go
back and get the rest of his script because they were "out of stock". I told
them that shouldn't be happening. He gets his scripts there every month. And
when I went to pick up my scripts they had 2 of 5 ready and I had to come back
for the other 3 when I had called and spoke with the pharmacist in person to
have them filled. I did ask them if they were going to pay for my gas having
to come back. Nope, so I figured. I am now changing pharmacies to one that
recently opened in Rocky Point. Save gas and hopefully better service. So
please look at the papers with your insurance claims, pay attention. This has
really gotten my blood sugars all over the place. Plus a lot of time on the
phone. Worry. Stress. Also was in the paper down here about insurance
companies going from co-pays to a certain percentage of the drug if you don't
get the generic. Tiers, levels. If I don't get the generic then my co-pay is
30%. Insurance companies can change plans anytime. Just some things I have
learned this month. I have tried to keep up with the message board as well. I
do like to read how others related to diabetes, how others cope with
situations and other great advice that is given. Thanks so much. I will try to
make a donation to ip sometime this year. I have to pay off my mom's headstone
first. That has been added though to one of the priorities on my list of to
do. Thanks so much for a great website.
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