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Re: [IP] Baby formula

>>Are there formulas out there that are neither soy nor cow's milk based?<<

 There are sadly no other choice. I was given soy milk formula due to a milk
(cow milk) allergy that was found when I was just days old (and they said I
would grow out of it.. yeah, right, still allergic).
 Not only was I, but ALL my neices and nephews were given soy based formula, as
was my sister (brother was given cow milk based and he is no a diabetic, but his
oldest son is.. he has 2 boys and 3 girls.. the youngest are triplets, that just
turned 1 yr.. 2 girls [identical] and a fraternal triplet boy)

What are the "contriversal" issues subjected to soy formula?

>>There is rice milk. Or have you asked about milk from a breast milk bank?<<

 Rice milk is for those 1 yr or older. This person has a 4.5 month old infant,
which needs formula, and there is no rice milk based formula.
 Breast bank milk, that is not covered by insurance, and can cost upwards of
$300 per week (average pint of breast milk that has been banked for others to
use is $75.. could be less, could be more, depending on location, and then
economic.. they will charge what they want, if they know they can get it.. just
like diabetes supplies, ect).

R. Leppanen
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