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RE: [IP] Autoimmune Diseases Diabetes Type 1

 >>Another reason to watch antibody levels is to assess for the risk of
progression to other autoimmune conditions classically
 related to autoimmune diabetes mellitus (aka Type I DM). Some of these
conditions include hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, gastroparesis, and

These are my Auto-immune medical issues in addition to type 1 diabetes 
 Pernicious Aneima (2000mcg B12 IM, monthly; 2500mg sublingual B12 QID [if I
want, I can take it twice daily).
Rheumatoid Arthritis (IBU due to not able to take the other medications);
 Psorisis (plaque)- Moderate (Clobex, Clobetasol, Kenalog, Dovonex [analog to
Vit D3]);
Psoritic Arthritis (see RA);
Hypothyroidism (0.125mg [125mcg] Levothyroxine qd);
 Multiple Sclorsis (s/s were: Numbness, fatigue, muscle spasticity [right leg
muscles would just "freak" on me; and then muscles in back, not just the low
back muscles, but this encludes neck and the deltoid], walking/gait
abnormalities [which I had before diagnosis, but it gradually became really
bad]). Also was + for Babinski's reflex's and I also have little to no reflex
reaction (the neurologist that I was/am seeing for seizures asked to see my
feet, so I took off my socks and shoes, she noticed the babinski's, and then
took a reflex hammer to the knee's and bottom of the feet, and saw "little to
no" reflex reaction, and so she ordered MRI's w/ and w/o contrast [brain] and 2
weeks got my results.. this was done shortly before my dx of pernicious anemia,
which was almost 1 year ago, so the PA and MA are new dx's).

R. Leppanen
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