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RE: [IP] Symlin

 >>until you puke? .....general gist of the guidelines is to increase the dose
until the nausea remains a bother -- essentially, you start
 at a really low dose and increase that until either you hit the upper limit (60
mcg/dose for type 1s, twice that for type 2s), or until the nausea becomes
bothersome. (It may be worth your while to endure the nausea for two or three
days--the body can get used to Symlin, making the nausea disappear.)<<

This is the MAIN reason why I decided NOT to use it, when I was given it.
 I REQUIRE nausea/vomiting meds to eat and keep foods down, it would deffinately
not be a match for me (I take 50mg Phenergan q4h while awake, 100mg phenergan
qhs, and 8-16mg zofran q6h PRN for nausea/vomiting). So I am not willing to take
a medication that has a high percent risk rate of nausea and/or vomiting.
Sometimes I use both (phenergan and zofran) via IV to stop the n/v (yes, I do
have IM/IV meds here).

R. Leppanen
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