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Re: [IP] Baby formula

Hi Erik!

All we can do is guess at this point. My 15-year-old was breastfed and given
Carnation Good Start milk-based baby formula. He was diagnosed at age 8. My
4-year-old was exclusively breastfed and wasn't allowed any bovine, dairy
foods until he was 9 months old (we were in the TRIGR study) and he was
diagnosed at 2 and a half. I blamed viruses and immunizations. Who knows.

All that said, I have 3 other kids that don't have diabetes, ages 17-21. I
have no idea why my two youngest have it, and the first three don't. It's a
bit frustrating not knowing the cause, but all you can do is your best. I
thought that keeping my youngest away from milk products would help keep him
from getting diabetes. That didn't work.  Although, something struck me as
interesting. I had to cut dairy out of my own diet also because my son would
get colicky if I ate cheese or drank any milk products...until he was about
6 months old. I've heard a couple of other parents say that their
pre-diabetic babies had the same reaction to dairy. That's the only thing
that I have to go by that sounded like some kind of connection to me. They
recorded that in the TRIGR study after my son was diagnosed. I don't recall
my 15-yr-old ever having a reaction to dairy though. Like I said...who
knows. You just have to do your best. There are some people who give vitamin
suppliments that they believe may stop the developement of type 1 diabetes
in their children who start to show some randome high blood sugars off and
on, but I can't recall what all was in the concoction. I  think fish oils
were one part of the formula.

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 6:59 PM, Felix Kasza (lists) <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi!
>  > [...] studies showing that babies with a
>  > genetic predisposition to Type I diabetes
>  > had an increased incidence of the disease
>  > when they were given cow milk based baby
>  > formula before a certain age (I think 6
>  > months).
> It's, alas, not quite as clear-cut. A study on infants in China
> (PMID 15331209), for example, found that soy milk in infancy was
> associated with a higher D risk than the controls; steamed bread
> was linked to a lower D risk. (A different study looked
> specifically at gluten-containing foods, finding the same:
> introducing gluten early reduces the risk of D and Coeliac.) Oh,
> and back to the study on Chinese infants -- cow's milk consumption
> in _older_ infants (7-12 months of age) _lowered_ D risk, while
> "vegetables", unspecified kind, increased it.
> I *knew* Mom was wrong to scold me when I spat the spinach onto
> the wall.
> Other studies dig deeper; PMID 15317611, for instance, posits (and
> supports) the hypothesis that increased hygiene in early childhood
> is associated with increased incidence of autoimmune disease later
> -- formula would then be an intermediate agent, but not the cause.
> There are fewer hits specific to soy-based formula; one that I
> found interesting is from 1986 (PMID 3155358) and mentions: "Twice
> as many diabetic children, however, received soy containing
> formula in infancy as compared to control children."
> My conclusion? Go with cow-based formula, but as late as possible
> (after 6 mo of age). And try to figure out how to make steamed
> bread. :-)
> Cheers,
> Felix.
>  .

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Chris (15-yrs-old)- dx 9-15-00
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