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Re: [IP] Baby formula

Nutramigen or Alimentum - they're called hydrolyzed protein formulas. There
are a few small-scale studies that indicate that they can help reduce the
risk of diabetes. My older son got a few ounces of Nutramigen in the
hospital, but my second son has been able to avoid formula all together,
thank goodness. They're more expensive than the standard formulas, but avoid
the issues with whole cow's milk proteins and soy. And they're not so
unusual that you need a prescription - Wallgreens or the grocery stores
carry them.

Mom to Ellis - 3 yrs, Neo - 3 months
Type 1 13 years, Pumping 7 years with buzz the MM pardigm with occasionally
working CGMS

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 3:31 PM, E Williamsen <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My wife and I have a 4.5 month old baby girl.  We have been (ok, she has
> been) exclusively breast feeding her for several reasons, one of which was
> the existence of studies showing that babies with a genetic predisposition
> to Type I diabetes had an increased incidence of the disease when they
> were
> given cow milk based baby formula before a certain age (I think 6 months).
> Soy based products have a lot of other controversial issues.  For several
> reasons, we may have to start supplementing formula into her diet.  My
> wife
> and I are completely at a loss for what to do, though.  Are there formulas
> out there that are neither soy nor cow's milk based?  Am I totally off the
> deep end with this issue?  Thanks for any help,
> Erik
> .
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